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Friday, Aug 7, 2009


Hey hey!!

Back Pocket Full of Heart Wretching Soul is FINISHED and ready to order!!  You have GOT to get your own copy!!


A very SWEET package

     Awesome real denim packaging and
     hand drawn CD label artwork!     

Check out a sample track, "Sip Away From An Empty Cup" from the CD, Back Pocket Full Of Heart Wretching Soul.


This project is all about fiery passion and intense longing.

The idea for this new book is the classic image of the underdog.  Someone who works hard all their life, gives everything their best shot but... because of lack of ability or circumnstance, they never became even a contender.  That is a human condition I can FULLY relate with believe me!  I've put everything I've ever had to overcome my lack of abilities all thru growing up.  I tend to be down ugly awful at starting, but eventually I've been an excellent AWESOME finisher.

ALWAYS stay hungry, stay focused, stay ferocious.  Never EVER give up.

This release comes in two parts:

  • Audio CD - Back Pocket Of Heart Wretching Soul
    Only 8 minutes in length, but in my usual style I write deliberately, yet concisely so it is quick and easy to digest.  I write for people who have short attention spans - I hate longwinded pussyfeet that blather on and I wish they would just GET TO THE POINT!  I don't like to waste words OR people's time.
    Very hip package
    Track Listing:
    1. "Hey to all the awesome people..."
    2. Easier
    3. I Need To Know
    4. Always Sincere
    5. I Follow My Heart
    6. If She Likes My Artwork
    7. "These next three..."
    8. Touched By A Smile
    9. Time To Get Back In The Game
    10. A State Of Forever
    11. Sip Away From An Empty Cup
    12. "Thanks for listening..."
  • Printed book - (I want to be your) Sentimental Favorite
    (Not yet complete - but it will kick ace.  Did I mention the cover will have FOIL embossing!  Yes I'm personalizing the book also to be lovely and precious to keep!  Sign up for Sweetheart News to be alerted when its ready.)

The audio CD comes first, and if you like it you can order the accompanying print book with all the words.

"Why do the CD and book have DIFFERENT titles?"

If you are asking that question to me, The reason is that I've put enough into the audio CD and the book individually that I think each one is truely RAD enough to stand on its own separately.  The title for the book came first, but... then I thought up the idea to record it and then I came up with the title as a visual image and so there it is!

In typical D.I.Y. fashion,

>all CD's, books, and packaging are ENTIRELY selfmade by hand  <<

NO outsourced consulting or other services used.  The CD's are each lovingly made with hand drawn label artwork.  CD packaging is made with denim, hand ironed, hand cut and assembled. 

Ordering Info:


  • To order the audio CD, Back Pocket Full Of Heart Wretching Soul, they are $5 each + $2 flat shipping (should be noted shipping rate is USA, butt... I will mail worldwide, if that's your case email me for the rate!) and ready to be treasured by a sweetheart like you!
  • To order the printed book, (I want to be your) Sentimental Favorite, please sign up for Sweetheart News and I will alert when its ready to order - or you can email me if you wish.

You can pay by credit card, bank account or PayPal here:

OR mail payment to this address:

Brian Moy
2337 SE 58th Ave.
Portland, OR 97215
United States
(please email me with your address if mailing in payment, ESPECIALLY if your handwriting looks like chicken scratch)
Alternatively, if you live in Portland like I do, email me and we can meet at a bar, shop, or etc. and you can pay me in person and save on shipping charges.

Stay In Touch!

If you LIKE what you see and hear, I would definately recommend you sign up for my Sweetheart News to get FREE updates by email on new artwork, releases, and events that I do.  (Sign Up is to the LEFT and at the BOTTOM) I set up Sweetheart News to give you the occasional dose of friendship, love, and inspiration in a current world where its so easy to feel alienated and disconnected from the world and maybe yourself.

Were YOU one of the 200+ people signed up for the poetry postcard mailing list I did back in 2001???  If so, the Sweetheart News is somewhat like that, except by email... and this time its FREE!

Have any thoughts?  I would LOVE to hear from you!  Leave me a comment or email me at brian.moy@gmail.com

Any photographers looking to add to your portfolio?  I always need modeling shots for projects.  J.V. ideas?  Let's get in touch!

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Just Brian my tux out

Friday, Aug 7, 2009

I forget the name of the photographer who took these, but he was a nice man.  Wish these were taken in color as I was wearing my cool green tux!

Click pictures to see them bigger.

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Audio CD, Back Pocket Of Heart Wretching Soul:

Some notable things to mention about the making of the audio CD -

  • I recorded Back Pocket Of Heart Wretching Soul on the hottest day of Portland.  My room is not very well ventilated to begin with, and even so I was well dressed and prior to recording I did pushups and pullups and listened to Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album to fully get myself in the physically/emotionally withered state.  I cleared the chair, paced around and visualized all my dearest friends out there watching me on stage and recorded the entire CD (*) start to finish in 2 takes to capture the raw, spontaneous feeling of a live performance - with sweat dripping down my face and just a room tempurature glass of water to sip on.  The first take by the way totally sounded like garbage, due to the recording software I was using - so the whole second take was used.  You might hear some occasional coughs, "um"s, and heavy exhales - but I ended up deciding to keep all that in there to capture the pure integrity of the moment.  The only edits were gaps of empty space (where I was taking a sip of water or shuffling around) and out of place sound hiccups caused by the microphone.

    So the CD you have listened to is basically the closest thing to me sitting next to you and performing JUST for you.

    * "If She Likes My Artwork" was recorded later separately only because I'd written it after I'd already finished up the recording of the rest of the CD.  Kinda short, but sweet, I felt it was the quintessential statement in regards to what drives a person like me.  I felt I just HAD to include it.
  • Recording software used was Audacity which is open source.  I found it to be the best to use for the free or open source softwares I could find.  Very useful and simple to do edits, multitracking, or whatever you like. 
  • Start to finish - the idea for the project originally came to me on June 13, 2009.  The audio CD, Back Pocket Of Heart Wretching Soul was completed for release on August 7, 2009.  Companion printed book, (I want to be your) Sentimental Favorite is not yet ready for release.
  • The custom packaging I am VERY pleased with how it turned out.  Some people have asked, and it is why I like to emphasize that all aspects of the packaging were entirely original, designed, produced, and made by hand at home by myself.  I'm not the type that wishes to sacrifice professional quality just because I'm doing something at home.  While saving money is important - its not the main reason I do myself, but I like to hand make to give the finished product that folksy organic spirit.  I dunno, I just believe that something the creator themself makes with hand to have a more precious quality than if they were to be outsourced and made by a third party for convienience. 
  • A LOT of details were put into the making of the CD packaging.  The sticker, the brass brads, the denim front, the printed back, flaming heart drawn on the CD, the inside blue promo flyer (and loose yellow promo flyer if I gave you one).  The pocket is glued together using HeatnBond UltraHold iron-on adhesive.  The flaming heart artwork on each CD was drawn individually with permanent markers.  I did use a cardboard template for the flame portion, but... I did make and cut out the template myself from a flame I drew free hand.  The pocket shape also was hand cut with scissors.
  • Picture on the back cover (microphone in my hand) was taken by my friend Grant Warrens (I hope you are well in Japan or wherever you are now...) for a show I had at Berbati's Pan on March 13, 2000.  (Thanks to Tres for letting me do that show.)

I think that's about all to mention.  If there's anything I forgot you are curious about, please ask!

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The Next Project...

Friday, Aug 21, 2009

So it seems I just can't seem to rest on a project no matter how pleased I am with it...  I'm saying that I just came up with my NEXT new publication.

My passion, my energy NEVER stops, never gives up...

I am a person of decisive intention - so the title, content and subject matter is set to go in my mind.  The form of media or medias... well, we'll see.  I need to challenge myself to be able to reproduce the mood and feelings to other people of the things I want to express.  Hopefully, I am improving in making myself clear and to be as concise as possible without being overbearing.

The title of my next project is The Last Peace.  The subject matter is feeling to be on the doorsteps of finding inner peace, closure and dealing with the memories of pain in my heart and my life.

Why should you or anyone else care about this?

This project - like so many others - are purely theraputic to me to be able to craft all the struggles and ugliness into something beautiful.  Although when I complete a project and you view it on your own - I don't see it as a one way connection, but I try to keep the subjects broad so you can interact with it and make some of the pieces your very own.  I write about things I think are basic human struggles and the need to connect and be understood.


...oh yeah, and this next publication will be VERY sweet - as you'd probably expect.  Visit the website if you like - www.thelastpeace.com

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