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Friday, Aug 21, 2009  

So it seems I just can't seem to rest on a project no matter how pleased I am with it...  I'm saying that I just came up with my NEXT new publication.

My passion, my energy NEVER stops, never gives up...

I am a person of decisive intention - so the title, content and subject matter is set to go in my mind.  The form of media or medias... well, we'll see.  I need to challenge myself to be able to reproduce the mood and feelings to other people of the things I want to express.  Hopefully, I am improving in making myself clear and to be as concise as possible without being overbearing.

The title of my next project is The Last Peace.  The subject matter is feeling to be on the doorsteps of finding inner peace, closure and dealing with the memories of pain in my heart and my life.

Why should you or anyone else care about this?

This project - like so many others - are purely theraputic to me to be able to craft all the struggles and ugliness into something beautiful.  Although when I complete a project and you view it on your own - I don't see it as a one way connection, but I try to keep the subjects broad so you can interact with it and make some of the pieces your very own.  I write about things I think are basic human struggles and the need to connect and be understood.


...oh yeah, and this next publication will be VERY sweet - as you'd probably expect.  Visit the website if you like -


I was able to to see the new colorful heart, very pretty. I like the poem too, very heart felt, it touched my heart. Keep creating!

Thanks Laura for your comments. Really makes my day to hear from a swwetheart like you. I hope you and John have a pleasant Veteran's Day.

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  • Laura: I was able to to see the new colorful heart, read more
  • Brian Moy: Thanks Laura for your comments. Really makes my day to read more

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