May 11, 2008

The ones I keep

you're more than a stranger because I know you care
I haven't seen too much of you but just enough to think about
even though we never had the chance to sit down and share
I'm sure if things were different we would hang out
maybe I'd discover you're really a vacuous psycho manipulative drugged out bitch
I'm sorry I never knew so I'll just give you the benefit of the doubt

Don't Mix - Sept. 27, 2005 by Brian Moy

me & the thought of you don't mix
my head's been a lot like a ton of bricks for a year
or not, maybe its been six
now I'm just a bad joke and my sense of humor is cruel
my choices were both brilliant and as dense as a fool
because my love is intense since I first thought of you

July 26, 2007

Hair hair.

Hey, just went to OSCON. Wow that was rad. I also wrote some hair poems today. Those 2 things are kind of related, or maybe kind of not.

Said the Pompadour - July 25, 2007
"I miss being attactive and interesting",
said the Pompadour to the face.
"I like people looking at me
whenever you go anyplace.
I don't think anyone sees me
underneath this cap
and when it comes off,
well I think I look like crap".
"Hey, you're my best friend",
said the face to the Pompadour.
"When I don't see you much
yeah, things are kind of a bore.
So I hear what you're saying
and I understand
but you shouldn't talk to me,
go talk to the hand."

I like your faceflap - July 25, 2007
I like to shake hands
with girl bangs
a patch of wheat moves on your face
and its waving hello to me
"Hello, I'm in good taste!"
I like your faceflap
and its a shiny eyepatch
arrr, but you're not a pirate in the sun
Oh, you look so Metropolitan!

July 13, 2007

Hey, its a 2nd entry.

Well I just happened to find a few poems I wrote Dec 6 of last year. So that's not too old. Here they are. Enjoy!!

I like to math - Dec 6, 2006:
I math like a crazy person
that needs to eat some food
I math when I'm wrong
I math when I'm right
don't hate me because I like to math
hate me because I'm a crazy person

I'm a Yankee doodle - Dec 6, 2006:
I yank for fun
I yank because I feel like it
I yank at night
I yank all over the place
I yank
I yank
I yank
I yank
the point is I like to yank

Nazis don't understand me - Dec 6, 2006:
I want to know your name
I want your friends to die
I want to pee in a cup
and splash it in your face
I don't want you to like it

Hopefully I'll find some more good stuff to share - or maybe even do some new ones sometime. :smile:

March 28, 2007

1st Post, 1st poem.

Today I'm starting new again. When I get around to it more, I intend to put up all my self published artwork and writings on here in the way that I did them. I might also put the latest writings/artwork I've done for the day, etc. on here. Although I haven't been doing as much as usual. I've written 1 thing all year and it happens to be today. If its crap, just remember I haven't been writing as much as usual.

its time - March 27, 2007
Come on, its time to get back in the game
Tommorrow I'll be telling myself the same
All the lovely things I miss
Let me comb my hair, effortless
and grab a smile with simple tricks
But my feelings behind it weigh a ton of bricks

Come on, its time to get back in the game
Tommorrow I'll be telling myself the same
A smile grabs me first and pulls me in
and here I am nothing but bargain bin
I think I just saw some twinkley ears
or maybe I haven't been noticing all these years

I know its time to get back in the game
but tommorrow, I'll just be telling myself the same