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July 13, 2007

Hey, its a 2nd entry.

Well I just happened to find a few poems I wrote Dec 6 of last year. So that's not too old. Here they are. Enjoy!!

I like to math - Dec 6, 2006:
I math like a crazy person
that needs to eat some food
I math when I'm wrong
I math when I'm right
don't hate me because I like to math
hate me because I'm a crazy person

I'm a Yankee doodle - Dec 6, 2006:
I yank for fun
I yank because I feel like it
I yank at night
I yank all over the place
I yank
I yank
I yank
I yank
the point is I like to yank

Nazis don't understand me - Dec 6, 2006:
I want to know your name
I want your friends to die
I want to pee in a cup
and splash it in your face
I don't want you to like it

Hopefully I'll find some more good stuff to share - or maybe even do some new ones sometime. :smile:

July 26, 2007

Hair hair.

Hey, just went to OSCON. Wow that was rad. I also wrote some hair poems today. Those 2 things are kind of related, or maybe kind of not.

Said the Pompadour - July 25, 2007
"I miss being attactive and interesting",
said the Pompadour to the face.
"I like people looking at me
whenever you go anyplace.
I don't think anyone sees me
underneath this cap
and when it comes off,
well I think I look like crap".
"Hey, you're my best friend",
said the face to the Pompadour.
"When I don't see you much
yeah, things are kind of a bore.
So I hear what you're saying
and I understand
but you shouldn't talk to me,
go talk to the hand."

I like your faceflap - July 25, 2007
I like to shake hands
with girl bangs
a patch of wheat moves on your face
and its waving hello to me
Hello, I'm in good taste
I like your faceflap
and its a shiny eyepatch
arrr, but you're not a pirate in the sun
Oh, you look so Metropolitan!

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